Wilder GFX


What We Do

We at Wilder GFX provide services of car wrapping and the sale of vinyl material for the same. We protect your vehicle and its original look with plastic so you can always turn your car into its original state. We also sell car decals and apply them to the vehicle, and they also can be removed without any risk of damaging the original car paint.


What Our Costumers Say

  • “I bought a second-hand car whose color was yellow. The price was cheap, and I was happy, but I knew that I would have to invest a lot of money in complete repainting. Luckily my friend told me about Wilder GFX  and what they do and thanks to them I own an entirely black car now.”

    Eunice Kist
  • ” I deal in cars, buying, repairing and selling is my business. The color of the car can shift the price up or down which is why to work in close collaboration with Wilder GFX  . My clients are also happy as they gain a new vinyl wrapping and they get a good price from me due to lack of repainting costs.”

    Shawn Brink
  • “I love changing the look of my car with some exotic car decals. My passion wouldn't be possible without retailers like Wilder GFX  . This company has a lot of different and exciting vinyl decals for me to choose. Thanks, Wilder GFX , you are the reason I have so much fun with my car.”

    John Tuck

Automotive Vinyl Wrapping Blades

A blade is an essential tool when it comes to vinyl car wrapping. Choosing a blade for this job is crucial as some blades can easily damage the paint of the car. This leads to hundreds, even thousands, dollars of losses and the party that applies the vinyl has to pay it.

The type of the blade is important as well. We have to pick a right blade that will not damage the car and still do an excellent job. Most people opt for replacement blades as they can and will change several of those during one project.

Our weapon choice is the snap-off blade due to its angle and sharpness.

They are very sharp, and they can cut through vinyl and still not damage the paint, which is the ultimate goal of every plastic wrapper. The angle it comes with (60%) allows us to make delicate cuts without worrying about damaging the paint. The tools we use also have a very pointy edge which is perfect for small details in a wrap.

No ultimate rule says which blade someone should use, as different people have their way of working. We find that snap-off blades suit us the best and we only use them.