How to print a perfect car wrap?

I am sure you already have a lot of information about designing a good vinyl wrap, choosing the right material, getting the best-quality manufacturer among all of them, etc. But how many of you want to know something about the production and preparation of the vinyl wrap for your cars? You haven’t thought of this for many times, have you? Don’t worry, I am here today to share all I know about this with you, and I think the information I give you will turn out to be very helpful in the future.

What is the first step?

The first phase of the production process is printing the chosen design, of course. Many shops use the digital printers with a very wide format today, but their job is harder than you think. You may believe that printing itself can’t be that hard at all, but we are not talking about the HP printers here. The truth is that we all use them in our houses and offices and they differ a lot from the required printers for this job. Trust me; creating a sharp image during the car wrap printing can sometimes be complicated.

Vinyl wrapping

What else do you need to know?

Have you ever heard of the print profiles? I believe you have no idea of what I am talking about right now. Listen; each vinyl has its code inside and thanks to this code the printer can do its job much better and more easily. The printer will know everything about the needed ink amount for the excellent printing results.

The bad news is that the shops don’t care about this, so they just decide to use one print profile for everything. How smart do you think this is? Well, not so smart at all. The results are awful, and their prints look worse than you can imagine. Of course, after that entire printing job, there comes the preparation process. This is the part where the installer needs to consider every single inch of the car and its surface to get it all clean. The car has to be washed, dry, wax-free and prepared.